It’s been three weeks since the company update. So, we wanted to check in and look at the progress we have made on the initiatives we set out.

1. Full Transparency

There has been remarkable progress made toward this goal. For the first time, we can all look at the initiatives in development, content, and marketing and see, at a glance, how they are all aligned. Blockers make it obvious how pushed deadlines affect others, and early visibility helps us plan better.

We know that it hasn’t been an easy transition, but it is already paying early dividends that we are quite confident will only continue to grow. As we launch our initial sprints, thank you to everybody who has already made the JIRA leap and for putting so much time and attention into the effort.

2. Operation Outcome

We have a really cool POC in progress! David and Matt are working on a Generative Design project that will include the full high-level teaser, how-to, and detailed video workflow.

Meanwhile, the development team is adding high-level video functionality to the platform. This will allow us, our customers, and our partners to layer in best practices and proprietary techniques. Partners like US CAD and TPM, who we have told about this addition, are super excited.

3. Dominate Competition

Project Parity is on its way with the beginning of content creation. The marketing team is also preparing with teasers scheduled for an April release.

The next sprint is going to have so much competitive advantage that we are going to wait on a whole new blog post to get into all of it. But prepare to be excited!

4. Grow Sales

Partners are super motivated by the new pricing offer. We are really getting some good activity. We are also very excited to have a brand-new team member starting mid-March who will be working on lead generation and managing the initial parts of the sales cycle. More on that soon!

We all think it has been a great three weeks and love that we are starting to see the urgency, intensity, and accountability we asked for. Thanks for everything and keep it up!

Matt, Jamie, and Carlie