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CADLearning for Autodesk® Civil 3D® teaches the use of Civil 3D as a surface construction modeling tool for infrastructure professionals. The content in this library has been devised to help users quickly learn the most efficient methods for designing and documenting a surface model, starting with points and working toward a completed corridor. 

With CADLearning, you can include Civil 3D lessons in your custom workflows, build curated learning paths using playlists, or construct company-specific roles to assign this new content to your teams. Unlike other software training, CADLearning leverages assessments to surface only the Civil 3D content you need. With CADLearning, you can immediately begin developing your organization’s next infrastructure project.

Keep up to date with industry experts. With topics ranging from modeling essentials to interoperability, our content grows with Autodesk subscription releases. Stay competitive in the latest 3D modeling software. 


Identify knowledge and skills gaps with our robust assessment engine. Then, close those gaps with data-driven, individualized learning paths.Start your journey to become a Civil 3D certified professional today. 


From pre-hire assessments and onboarding, to upskilling and refresher training, we  ensure your teams are more productive every step of the way. We offer immediately actionable solutions to all of your questions.

Civil 3D Topics:

  • Getting Started
  • Objects – Styles & Labels

  • 3D Feature Lines

  • Surveying

  • Plats and Parcels

  • Working with Points

  • Sending Data To Others

  • Designing Surfaces

  • Storm Water and Surfaces

  • Sharing Data

  • Working with Alignments

  • Working with Profiles

  • Assemblies & Subassemblies

  • Transportation and Site Corridors

  • Advanced Corridor Design

  • Grade a Site

  • Cross-Sections – Sections

  • Working with Pipe Networks

  • Working with Pressure Pipe Networks

  • Working with Plan Production Tools

  • Interoperability With Other Autodesk Programs

  • Rendering

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