Earlier this month, Autodesk introduced a new look and feel for their brand, including a new logo, colors, and imagery.

“This change is the first of several bold moves we’re making as a company to reimagine the Autodesk brand – one that underscores our belief that a better world can be designed and made for all,” remarked Fred Saunders, Vice President of Brand and Social Impact at Autodesk.

The new logo is a simplified version of its predecessor. And their new imagery features abstract 3D geometric forms created by focusing on parts of the symbol in the new logo.

Plus, the Autodesk blue that we’ve seen for years has been updated to black and white. Alongside those primary colors, two detail grays and four accent colors – clay, plant, iris, and gold – have been added to their color palette.

“We’re looking forward to sharing additional elements of our reimagined brand in the future. This will include new product identities and icons that will help to visually differentiate our range of products across industries and make our icons more easily distinguishable,” Saunders continued.

For more details and resources, check out the Autodesk Brand Hub.