How to Upload Custom Header Videos

Introduce a concept covered in a custom goal, add your why to our how-tos, and more by uploading custom header videos.

You’ll need a Microsoft Azure storage account with media services set up to get started. Then, you’ll provide your connection credentials to CADLearning to make a connection between the two for uploading files and processing videos. This ensures your proprietary content always remains separate and in your ownership.

For information about the required data for setup please email

Once you have Azure services connected, you’ll be able to upload custom video lessons. Lessons are created from the custom course structure tab.

To add a new lesson, open the Organization menu. Then, select the custom course you want to edit. From the structure tab, click the + icon next to the course title in the right column.

Enter a name for your lesson – the description field is optional. Click the Save button. Until you add the supporting details, you won’t want to make the lesson active yet.

Now that you’ve created your lesson, you’ll see several new tabs on the left side to help you build it.

The Details page is where you modify the lesson name, set its active status, add keywords for searching, and modify its optional description.

The Video tab is where you upload a video asset for your lesson.

The Content tab is where you add a script for scrolling narration.

The Commands tab links a lesson to Autodesk commands for use in CADLearning Assist.

The Products tab indicates which product the lesson covers.

The Questions tab is where you add questions for the lesson.

The Resources tab is where you upload required resources like exercise files.

Note: When creating a lesson for a video header you do not need to populate all these tabs. The upload of the video itself will be most important.

Once you’ve created custom lessons, you can add them to any custom goal you create as a header video. To do this, from the Organization menu, choose Learning Paths. Select the custom goal you would like to modify. In the menu to the left, choose Header Lessons.

Click the green Add Lesson button.

Search for the lesson you would like to add and then click the orange Add button to select it.

Click Save to capture your changes.