Release Notes January 4, 2021 

Release Notes January 4, 2021 

This release includes the development work we need to expand our offering and provide a better customer experience, including:


New Features

  • Added toggle to exclude library published via KAMS from the CADLearning library
  • Goals are now displayed based upon assigned entitlements
  • A new inventory item with bi-annual recurring period gives partners more flexibility
  • Password requirements are now displayed where passwords are requested, to reduce support burden
  • New views in Power BI pull data from our database to help make CX and content decisions


Bug/Interface Fixes

  • Lesson comments are now working properly, allowing users and admins to make notes on individual lessons
  • New reports “Goal Data Report” and “Role Data Report” give customers full access to all Individualized Learning Experience data
  • You can now import users with a password using the template
  • Content Creator role is named the same in all places now to reduce confusion
  • The Product Command Activity Report can now be filtered by product
  • The Product Version Activity Report can now be filtered by product
  • The Role Summary by Employee Report now functions properly
  • Custom questions can now be assigned ownership, allowing us to add translated content
We just launched the CADLearning mobile app!

We just launched the CADLearning mobile app!

At last! We just launched the CADLearning mobile app for Android and iOS. Now users can gain new skills from mobile, desktop, or in-application. CADLearning subscribers can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.  

Rebuilt from the ground up, our new version provides a seamless CADLearning experience across all of your devices.  

With our new app, you can: 

  • View the full CADLearning Library 
  • Access your CADLeaning dashboard, including Pop Quizzes, Progress Charts, and What’s Next lessons 
  • Answer Pop Quiz questions to surface lessons specific to your skills and knowledge gaps 
  • Make progress on Goals specific to your Roles 
  • Add lessons to new or pre-existing playlists 
  • Tap a Badge, Medallion, or Goal to access assessments 
  • Access playlists, create new playlists, or delete playlists 
  • Customize your experience with dark or light themes  
  • Call upon CADLearning Help to resolve questions related to support or Autodesk content 

Upskill anywhere, anytime! 

Planning week!

Planning week!

This year, we will also need to focus on across-team plans of action to ensure smooth sailing as we enter the new year. As we work with more and more SMEs, we will need to come up with protocol and guides about how things are captured.

Our goal is to optimize the customer experience.

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Loves our platform and content!

Loves our platform and content!

During the Production Meeting of 11/24, Carlie reported that she was on a call with GTP. The first thing the client told her was how much she loves our platform and content. Then she asked how we ensure consistency. Our consistency is something to be proud of.

Lighter! Faster! More Powerful!

Our CADLearning Assist plugin provides in-application performance support and point-of-need lesson suggestions as you work – now with more robust functionality and a lighter, faster package.

This update lets you take advantage of all of your favorite CADLearning features in your Autodesk application.

Want to make progress on your Goals?

You can quickly watch lessons or answer questions in your Pop Quiz.
To keep track of your progress, you will find time markers and an estimated completion date.
For immediate answers as you work, just click on a command or feature, and CADLearning Assist will automatically suggest relevant lessons.
Plus, custom playlists and a full library search help you find the exact content you need to complete your workflows.
Organization administrators can even view at-a-glance data and analytics on team progress.