CADLearning Reaches New Heights

CADLearning Reaches New Heights

To help you keep up with the pace of change, we work constantly to improve CADLearning. With our latest upgrade, you’ll find everything from user experience enhancements to highly anticipated Enterprise features like more intelligent grouping and expanded reporting.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved…


Segment users into Groups for specific needs by team, project, location, or any other dimension. Then, personalize each group’s experience with custom logos, roles, goals, and more.

Segment users into Groups for specific needs

Get peace of mind knowing the right people have access to relevant learning while easily managing everyone’s experience in a central location.


Get any data you need whenever and however you need it with our brand-new reporting suite.

Access 25 pre-built reports for a real-time view of activity, achievements, employees, and everything in between. Or build your own custom reports using filters and track the exact information you need. And empower leaders at any level with access to relevant data about their teams through groups. Then, schedule email delivery of any report weekly, monthly, or at whatever interval you choose.

But it’s not just the reports that matter – it’s what you do with them that’s important. That’s why we developed a series of resources to help you fully use and understand all the reporting available to you.

You’ll make more confident decisions when you see what’s happening across your organization with the industry’s most flexible, in-depth reporting.

And if you find a report we don’t have, let us know so you can help shape the future of CADLearning.


Get a clear snapshot of what’s going on across your organization in one central dashboard.

Get at-a-glance insights with organization dashboard widgets

Solve problems with at-a-glance insights from 10 new organization dashboard widgets that display:

    • Total Active Users by Month
    • Active Users Last Month
    • Total Learning Time
    • Badges In Progress
    • Badges Completed
    • Percent of Badges Completed
    • Medallions In Progress
    • Medallions Completed
    • Percent of Medallions Completed

With at-a-glance insight into the metrics that matter most, the right actionable data is always at your fingertips.

And there’s more…

    • Benchmark skills and expertise across your organization or the industry
    • Help users find the right role faster by categorizing them with industries
    • Onboard seamlessly by linking pre-hire assessments to roles and projects
    • Save time with automatic visibility of restructured custom goals
    • Find what you need faster with user list filters that stick
    • Delegate creation of custom roles, courses, or both with new permissions
    • Experience more stability with resource files available locally

We’re Here to Support You

Have questions? Need help? Check out the January 2023 Release FAQs or get in touch with us.

Meet Your New CADLearning Experience

Meet Your New CADLearning Experience

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to a prioritized, contextual, and customized CADLearning experience. With our latest release, things might look a little different the next time you log in to your portal, but we think you’re really going to like what you see – and what you can do.


Bringing Roles and Goals to center stage

Your Roles and Goals are now front-and-center to make it easier to find and engage with the exact content you need. Looking for What’s Next in your learning journey? It’s still available on your home page. You’ll find it beneath your latest Pop Quiz, on the lower left side.


Ending your upskill battle faster

If you’ve already got what it takes to earn a role, goal, badge, or medallion, take an assessment to prove your skills. Any achievements you test out of will be visible on your profile page.


Connecting your why with our how-tos

A new knowledge-sharing capability is available for roles, goals, badges, and medallions – customizable header lessons.

For Enterprise customers, this functionality lets you embed your company’s unique perspectives into the learning experience. With header lessons, your teams learn the “why” behind the “how-to” and gain deeper insight into how their efforts achieve business objectives.

If available, header lesson videos can be previewed by hovering your cursor over the role, goal, badge, or medallion title. And when you start a learning segment with a header lesson, that video will automatically play first.

Taking customization to a new level

We’ve also unlocked access to customizable Roles and Goals for all Enterprise customers. This functionality now comes built right into your experience with no additional setup required.

Plus, we’ve made it even easier to create custom courses that align with your company’s workflows and objectives. As you create a course, you can add, remove, and reorder the lessons within it by simply dragging and dropping them – all within the same page.

For support utilizing these new CADLearning features, contact us at 

Content Update: Vault 2022

Content Update: Vault 2022

To help innovators better share data, improve collaboration, and optimize their design workflows, we’ve updated the Autodesk Vault library with 8 new lessons:

With this content update, engineers and designers across disciplines can learn to check for identical geometry inside part files, use Model states in Inventor, and save time while ensuring the accuracy of their projects.

Content Update: Plant 3D 2022

Content Update: Plant 3D 2022

To help innovators design better models of industrial plant facilities with piping structure and equipment, we’ve updated the AutoCAD Plant 3D library with 11 new lessons:

By making versatile and complete use of the AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset, engineers can streamline the design process, improve accuracy and consistency, and better collaborate with project stakeholders.

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