Publishing Update 7/22/21

Afternoon all!

A quick but important update; the Navisworks 2022 product refresh is complete!

The final topic, Quantification, is published and live in Portal.

Hats off and a big thank you to David Cohn for tackling this project; I’m sure it was no easy task.


Publishing Update 7/19/21

Publishing Update 7/19/21

Afternoon everyone,

I’m back with another publishing update!

A large handful of products have been updated to the 2022 product year. Since most of the functionality hasn’t changed, the majority do not have any new or updated lessons, but they do have a 2022 product year in Portal. Here is a comprehensive list of the products recently updated to 2022:

AutoCAD – 11 new or updated lessons

AutoCAD LT – 11 new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Architecture – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Plant 3D – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD MEP – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Electrical – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Map 3D – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Mechanical – no new or updated lessons

Civil 3D – no new or updated lessons

Dynamo – no new or updated lessons

InfraWorks – no new or updated lessons

Navisworks – 49 new or updated lessons since last reported, 11 lessons remain until the product refresh is complete. Coming very soon!

Raster Design – no new or updated lessons

Revit – 13 new or update lessons, more in production

Robot Structural Analysis – no new or updated lessons

As always, consult the 2021 Publishing Spreadsheet for further details on new or updated lessons.


Publishing Update 6/25/2021

Publishing Update 6/25/2021

Afternoon everyone and happy Friday!
I’m here with an exciting Publishing update.  An all new AutoCAD Electrical product is now live on portal! This is a total makeover; new videos, new datasets, new questions, and a new assessment. As such, the old AutoCAD Electrical IEC product has been deactivated and is no longer available in portal.
We’ve also pushed out a handful of new and updated Navisworks lessons to fully flesh out a few topics in that product. More lessons are currently in the pipeline and should be available soon™.
The Content Team has also been very, very hard at work on some projects that are part of our Content as a Service initiative. We have completed a ‘Phase 1’ of both NCCER and Fusion CAM Turning custom content. This content was developed a bit different than how we do internally (which brought unique challenges), but it’s been a learning experience through which we’ve come out the other side side stronger. A BIG shout-out and thank you to Nick, Ash, and Andrea for their efforts on these projects. Their lift was large and they absolutely slayed it.
As always, you can consult the publishing spreadsheet for a list of the newly published content.

Thanks again to everyone on the Content Team. Have a wonderful weekend!

Publishing Update 5/14/21

Publishing Update 5/14/21

Happy Friday everyone!

I have lots of good news to carry us into the weekend.

Robot Structural Analysis is published and live in Portal! This is a new product for our library. Robot Structural Analysis is structural load analysis software that verifies code compliance and uses BIM-integrated workflows to exchange data with Revit. It can help create more resilient, constructible designs that are accurate, coordinated, and connected to BIM.

We have also added new product years for Vehicle Tracking. Upon SME review, no major changes in the software were noted; so, with just a couple tweaks to a few lessons we feel confident in applying 2019, 2020, and 2021 years to the product.

Please refer to the publishing spreadsheet for more detail.

Calendar 2021 published lessons.xlsx

While this is update is short in length, having RSA published is a BIG deal! Thanks to everyone on the team for making the best content in the business! Have a great weekend everyone!


Publishing Update 4/14/21

Publishing Update 4/14/21

I’m pleased to announce that the 2nd and 3rd topics of Navisworks, a total of 46 lessons, have been published and are live on Portal. These two topics are Reviewing Your Model and Using Viewpoints and Section Modes.  As David is working through the product, existing lessons are being updated and additional lessons are being added to better cover the features of the program.  

A big thanks David, Andrea, and the rest of the Content Team on their efforts to continue this rolling update for Navisworks. 

As always, a list of the lessons with their Portal links can be found here Calendar 2021 published lessons.xlsx 


Content Update 3/12/21

Content Update 3/12/21

The Content Team has been hard at work pushing through content and I’m happy to bring a sizable publishing update to you. It’s been a busy month since the last update, and as we’ve caught up with the production pipeline I’ve published little bits here and there along with bigger chunks of product updates, so here’s the list of things published since the last update on 2/17. 

Revit – David updated a handful of lessons relating to Structural Steel across multiple product years. 29 lessons in total.  

Inventor Tube & Pipe 2021 update – A handful of new and updated lessons across all topics; 22 lessons 

Navisworks 2021 – The entire first topic has been updated and parsed out into shorter, more consumable lessons. I know we’ve had a client(s?) itching for a Navisworks update, and now the CS team can get the word out and show that we’re making headway on those needs. 34 lessons. 

I also had a few ‘straggler’ lessons spread across Inventor, Fusion 360, and AutoCAD I quietly updated over the past few weeks. 5 lessons. 

We also published a 7 lesson update for Bluebeam.  

That’s 97 lessons total; so close to 100! 

For the full list of published lessons, refer to the Calendar 2021 published lessons.xlsx 

Thanks to everyone on the Content Team for working hard and doing their part to ensure things move along smoothly! 

There are lots of irons in the fire and I’m excited to continue bringing updates and new content to the masses!