New Social Channels

New Social Channels

As we prepare to launch our new HOUR platform, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be launching new social media channels along with it. If you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming launch, go ahead and start following our recently established HOUR social channels.

Plus – you’ll get the added bonus of watching them grow from birth into fully formed mediums that convey our brand message.




Release Notes March 16, 2021

Release Notes March 16, 2021

This release resolves multiple bugs and includes improvements to the KAMS interface including:  

New Features  

  • Added the ability to filter lessons when adding a suggested lesson to an assessment question in KAMS.
  • Added the ability to filter CADLearning only versions within the Contents tab in KAMS. 
  • Added a filter to the Contents tab in KAMS to filter content by version. 
  • Added Obsolete toggle for lessons to prevent new versions from being added automatically. 

Bug/Interface Fixes

  • Users will no longer receive an error when clicking the Video tab within a custom course.  
  • Remaining time is now displaying correctly. 
  • The course dashboard now displays correct information in each column in KAMS. 
  • Closed captions are now working as expected. 
  • Assessment results are now displaying suggested lessons as intended. 
  • Users can remove lessons from a playlist and delete a playlist again. 
  • The Employee Goal Summary Report now functions as intended. 
Release Notes January 4, 2021 

Release Notes January 4, 2021 

This release includes the development work we need to expand our offering and provide a better customer experience, including:


New Features

  • Added toggle to exclude library published via KAMS from the CADLearning library
  • Goals are now displayed based upon assigned entitlements
  • A new inventory item with bi-annual recurring period gives partners more flexibility
  • Password requirements are now displayed where passwords are requested, to reduce support burden
  • New views in Power BI pull data from our database to help make CX and content decisions


Bug/Interface Fixes

  • Lesson comments are now working properly, allowing users and admins to make notes on individual lessons
  • New reports “Goal Data Report” and “Role Data Report” give customers full access to all Individualized Learning Experience data
  • You can now import users with a password using the template
  • Content Creator role is named the same in all places now to reduce confusion
  • The Product Command Activity Report can now be filtered by product
  • The Product Version Activity Report can now be filtered by product
  • The Role Summary by Employee Report now functions properly
  • Custom questions can now be assigned ownership, allowing us to add translated content

Our goal is to optimize the customer experience.

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