Presenting: Your 4D Unproductivity Managers

Presenting: Your 4D Unproductivity Managers

I know all of us have a detailed calendar on social media holidays and all, but just in case you missed it June 25th was National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

We wanted to take advantage of this year’s holiday with our best 4-legged friends who have been keeping us company all year long while we work from home.

They deserve some recognition too, and we know they’ve all been on their best behavior during our meetings, and presentations. Especially Tessa, wink wink!

Give them a little extra love this week and check out some of our 4D Technologies all-stars below!

We Have Ourselves a Patent!

We Have Ourselves a Patent!

It is now official that 4D Technologies has been granted its first patent.


Succinctly called “System and Method for Providing Optimized Matching Between Projects and Individuals Having Applicable Competencies,” patent number 11,037,079 is the first of three accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We expect the remaining two to move from accepted to granted shortly.

Together, these patents validate our expertise in matching skills and competencies to the actual doing, proving that we are the absolute leader in the space. And not just in the Autodesk space, but in any industry.

Clearly, these patents are a huge competitive advantage. While others are busy building spoon-fed cheat sheets or unleashing a firehose of irrelevant courseware, we help organizations identify and democratize their expertise to transform the way they share knowledge.

I want to thank everybody on the team for all the work that went into this process. It was a true group effort.

I’ll be back with more information as we receive updates. Stay tuned!

How about those employee perks?

How about those employee perks?

Showcase the benefits of the new

employee perks and discount card.


Over the last few weeks, we have been receiving emails from Dawn about some new employee perks. I won’t lie—I’ve been anxiously opening my email every day to see the next perk roll out!

The most recent perk we received is access to a discount network called Access Perks, with hundreds of dollars in savings at top restaurants, hotels, and so many other businesses! Who is ready to take a trip? I am particularly looking forward to the BIG hotel savings, myself. But, like I said, there are hundreds of offers to choose from. I saw a savings of over $200 on Apple products (Looking at you, Luis!). That’s HUGE. And let’s be real, where we spend our money matters! It was a tough year for so many businesses, and it makes a big difference when we spend some of that money on places we know and love.

Make sure to download the app as well. It picks up your location and pulls all the deals closest to you, making it super easy to find places fast when you’re on the go.

One of the best parts of these employee rollouts is the feeling it gives you. Everyone wants to feel rewarded for their hard work, and everyone likes the feeling of saving money. It’s the little things that add up to make a happy work environment and satisfied employees.

Great job 4D Technologies, and great job Dawn!

I might be new, but I know a good thing when I see it!

— Haley Stevenson

Loves our platform and content!

Loves our platform and content!

During the Production Meeting of 11/24, Carlie reported that she was on a call with GTP. The first thing the client told her was how much she loves our platform and content. Then she asked how we ensure consistency. Our consistency is something to be proud of.