Publishing Update 11/3

Publishing Update 11/3

Afternoon everyone!

Back again so soon? Why, yes!

We’ve published more Construction Cloud content; 37 lessons across 6 topics: Getting Started, Markup Files, Issues, Issues Settings, Reviews, and Transmittals. This completes the Admin and Docs portion of the product.

Next up will be the content on BIM Collaborate Pro.

As always, you can consult the Calendar 2021 published lessons.xlsx spreadsheet for a complete list of published lessons.


The Furry Overlords Strike Again

The Furry Overlords Strike Again

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett

In June, we celebrated Bring Your Dog to Work Day with photos of our canine collaborators. Last Friday, our feline friends took center stage for National Cat Day!

So, without further ado, meet the cats of 4D…




Kitty owns Dave





Shanks owns Ash (and Edith, the pup!)




Madness and Lunacy own Andrea





Daisy and Jackson own Susan





Noel, Panini, and Precious own Kelly


Did you know? Celebrated on October 29, National Cat Day was founded in 2005 by Animal Welfare Advocate, Collen Paige, to shine a spotlight on the nearly 3 million cats that enter shelters every year.

So, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the contributions cats have made to society and our lives – from domesticating themselves to taking the internet by storm, reducing our risk of heart disease, and just loving us unconditionally. Hope your National Cat Day was paws-itively wonderful! 🐈

Customer Success Plan

Customer Success Plan

Success looks different to everyone!


Many things go into building and maintaining strong customer relationships. One of the first things that we do with customers is create a plan that establishes KPIs (key performance indicators for those of you who haven’t read our 4D acronym dictionary in a bit). It’s important to set expectations for both sides of the relationship and identify goals to keep us all on track.

Our marketing and customer success teams have put together an updated and simplified template for a success plan that ensures stakeholders are aligned on the outcomes we want to achieve. This template  makes the conversations flow easier, gets teams excited, and motivates them to come up with new ideas. The template is just a simple starting point, each one is customized for each customer based upon their unique KPIs.

You can find the Customer Success Plan Template here, on our Partner Resources Page under ‘Sales Tools’, and at the bottom of internal blog page.



November Birthday’s & Work Anniversaries

November Birthday’s & Work Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating November’s birthday’s and work anniversaries!


🎂 Happy Birthday! 🎂

Kelly Dwyer – 11/13

Luis Hamburger – 11/15

Chris Addy – 11/19

Danielle Grindle – 11/28


🎉 Thank you for contributing to another successful year!  🎉

James Hancock – 11/4

CADLearning Gets Dark and Light Modes

CADLearning Gets Dark and Light Modes

A new feature will soon be available to all our CADLearning users – the option to switch between dark and light modes. Simply navigate to your user profile settings to choose your desired appearance.

Dark mode is designed for those who work at night or in low-light. It also enhances accessibility for those with visual impairments, migraines, or other optical disorders. On the other hand, light mode is designed for those who work with lots of detail or read large blocks of text.

Adding this frequently requested feature continues to put personalization and accessibility at the forefront of the CADLearning experience.

We’ll also be working with our partners who manage portals and our customers to ensure their branding looks ideal in either mode.

We’re excited to see what our customers think of the new experience and can’t wait to see what’s up next for CADLearning!