System Requirements

Important Note:

In alignment with changes made by Microsoft support, we have updated our System Requirements.

As of 1/15/2020:

  • We will no longer support Internet Explorer on any Operating System.
  • The Edge browser was given an important update by Microsoft; therefore, we can only offer support on the updated Chromium version.
  • We will no longer support Windows 7, including our Windows 7 Desktop App.
  • CADLearning Portal:

CADLearning is accessed through the internet using a browser. Any of the following browsers can be used on a Windows 10 machine:

  • Microsoft Edge (Updated Version only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest changes)
  • Google Chrome (Latest changes)

You may be ale to access the portal on a Mac or other Apple device as well as any Android device by using one of the supported browsers. Alternative browser may not respond. You may need to work with your IT group to gain access if certain media streaming is blocked, or if you work behind a corporate firewall. You will need to make sure the exact URL you use for CADLearning is white listed if you are using an adblocker or antivirus software.

CADLearning Assist:

In order to use the CADLearning Assist application, you will need to be running the corresponding Autodesk product on a Windows 10 Machine, and you must be an administrator on that machine. You may need special permissions from your IT group if they restrict installation of add-ins for Autodesk software.

Why can’t I view videos?

There are a couple of reasons videos cannot be viewed:

  • If the video player shows an error or blank screen, you may have a firewall blocking the video streaming. Many companies enforce strict policies in regards to internet traffic. You will need to work with your IT department to allow traffic from the following locations: *  * 
  • If you have an ad blocker or a script blocker, be sure to allow CADLearning and Azure to view the videos. 
  • If the video player shows an error, which states something like, “No compatible source found for the current browser environment.” Be sure you are using a supported browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or EDGE. Also, be sure you have the most recent Flash, Java, and Windows updates installed.  
  • If you see a message that you do not have access to this content please check that your subscription or company provided entitlement is still active. 

If you still cannot view the videos, please contact  support  for help! 

Why can’t I download the exercise file?

You may find an exercise file within a lesson that is not downloading. If it is a reference to the file to use within a bulk downloadable ZIP file—it is not a downloadable link. You can find the full ZIP in the “Downloads” tab of the course.

You will need to download the ZIP file and unzip the drawing and/or project files to a folder on your computer.

Alternatively, you may see exercise files on individual lessons. The files there allow you to grab only the ones you want, instead of the entire ZIP file.

Some of the exercise files are uploaded into A360 and will be downloaded as an HTML file in Chrome.

Instead of downloading the file, right-click and select “Open Link in New Tab”. You will then be brought to the A360 page, where you can download the file.

Where are the exercise files?

Exercise files will be provided for a number of courses. In the course view, any available files are to the right under Resources on the right side of the course page.

You will need to download the zip file and unzip the drawing and/or project files to a folder on your computer.

Alternatively you may see lesson files on individual lessons. The files there are the same as those in the zipped file for the course, it simply allows you to grab only the ones you want, instead of the entire zip file.

All courses are different, so be sure to download all the information at the course level including PDF instructions, if available.

I locked my account, how do I get back in?

If you enter an incorrect password too many times, your account will be locked for 10 minutes before you can try again.

If you do not recall your password, to unlock the account you will need to reset your password. You can do that by clicking “Forgot Your Password?”.