How to Build a Custom Course

Align CADLearning content to your workflows and business goals by building custom courses.

To build a custom course, navigate to the Organization menu and look for the Custom Courses column. Click the Create button.

Give your course a name and enter a description. You can change both fields later if needed. Once you’ve entered your text, click Save.

Now that you’ve created your course, you can start building its structure. Only check the Active option when you’re ready to make the course visible to users. The workflow option is not in use at this time. Tags are optional and make your course discoverable from the global search bar. If you make any changes, be sure to click the Save button!

A new menu becomes visible on the left where you define your course. The Structure tab is where you add content to the course. The column to the right is your course. It starts empty. The column to the left is where you select content to add to your course.

To copy existing content, begin by choosing a product from the drop-down menu. Next, select the version for the product. Finally, select the course to copy from. Once you select the course, you’ll see its contents.

Expand any topic to view the lessons.

Click and drag any topic over to your course structure on the right. When dragging, look for the blue indicator to see its placement before you drop.

Note: You can drag individual lessons as well using the orange icon – however be sure to place them inside a topic.

After adding content from a course, you can customize the layout in the right column. Rearrange lessons, remove lessons, rename topics, create new topics, and more.

Use the orange plus sign icon to create new content in your course structure.

To add more content from another existing course, use the Back to Product Choice button in the left column to return to the drop-down options. Continue adding and adjusting content. Be sure to save your changes as you go.

The Products tab is where you define what product the course should be visible in from the library.

Select which product and version the course relates to from the drop-down menu. This is where your users will view it in the library. Once you select the product and version, click Add Product. Then click Save to capture your changes.

Note: To display your course in a separate tile you can create new Categories from the side menu. Categories are also known as products. This tab allows you to create a new one.

Remember to return to the details page and select Active when you’re ready to make the course visible.

The Assessments tab is where you add existing assessments to the course.

Note: You build a new assessment in another area.

Click the drop-down box to select the assessment you wish to add. This list will have every assessment affiliated with a course in the same product as your course. So, you’ll see several results. Each assessment name shows a list of courses it is already in to help you decide which to choose.

Pro Tip: Since you have curated a custom set of lessons for your course it would be best to create a new assessment for this course with questions dedicated to only those lessons.