While our New Hampshire office is just a building, it played a part in bringing many of us together over the years. So, as we say farewell to 360 Route 101, we wanted to share a few of your favorite office moments, memories, and experiences.

I remember and treasure the planning sessions, the Christmas parties, and the powerful moans and sighs when I announced the start of games at those Christmas parties. The step contests, noon walks around the office park and neighborhood, outdoor barbeques, and lunches in the kitchen area on the second floor… And I remember sitting at my desk and watching out my windows facing the back parking lot for the first and last person to arrive in the morning.

— Dan Dolan

I have so many great memories of the office… The Content Team collaboration sessions are some of my favorites. We’d gather in the conference room and go over our workflows and standards and streamline and make changes. There were about 15 of us in the room together, and it would always get so hot that we had to open the window! I always took notes. So many, many notes…

— Andrea Gaboriault

It was always a highlight of my year to spend a week huddled in that conference table swapping ideas. From the holiday parties to the brainstorming sessions, even though I was only there a few weeks total, I have lots of great memories.

— Carlie Wagner

















If all this reminiscing has you feeling nostalgic for the typing, chatter, and background noises of the office – don’t worry, The Sound of Colleagues and I Miss the Office have got you covered.