How to Build a Custom Goal

Ensure your users gain the skills to advance in their job roles by building custom goals with existing CADLearning medallions and badges.

The Structure tab is where you build a goal. You need to add the appropriate products to your goal before you begin adding structure. This defines which goals you choose from on the Structure tab.

To make it easier to build your goal, you’ll use our existing goals as a template. Select the Product – your options depend on the products you added on the Goal Products tab. Then, select a Goal for that product.

Next, add medallions to your goal by clicking and dragging them to the right, into your goal. Be sure to click the orange move icon to drag and look for a blue line to appear in the right column to indicate where it will be placed. Save your changes often.

Delete any badges you don’t want in your medallion using the delete icon. Continue adding medallions until you have everything you need. To choose from a different goal, click Save. Then, click Back to Product Choice and select a different product or goal.