Let Data Lead the Way with In-Depth Reporting

Simplify User Management
With Intelligent Groups

Easily group users to fit your organization’s needs and team structures – at any scale.

User groups

Make each group experience unique

Organize users into different groups for specific needs by team, project, location, or any other dimension. Provide a custom experience for each group with distinct logos, messages, and more.


Manage content at scale

Share roles, goals, courses, and custom content with multiple user groups. Make changes once and deploy them to every audience. Manage everyone’s learning in a single location.


See every picture of performance

Access quick, precise, and actionable visibility on the global stats of your groups. Export and compare data to paint a holistic view of everyone’s progress and development.


Delegate without losing control

Grant group administrator rights to managers without giving them complete control. Empower leaders at any level with access to relevant data and reports about their teams.

Experience All the Features that Help Great Teams Grow