Dev Team, Content Releases, Customer Success/Marketing Updates

Content Team Updates:

Chris has been rolling out updates pretty frequently over the last few weeks, with his latest coming in before I could even get this blog post out! Either I am writing too slow, or our content team is just that good. We all know it’s the latter. Read a little about the updates from the content team below:

“Robot Structural Analysis is published and live in Portal! This is a new product for our library. Robot Structural Analysis is structural load analysis software that verifies code compliance and uses BIM-integrated workflows to exchange data with Revit. It can help create more resilient, constructible designs that are accurate, coordinated, and connected to BIM.

We have also added new product years for Vehicle Tracking. Upon SME review, no major changes in the software were noted; so, with just a couple tweaks to a few lessons we feel confident in applying 2019, 2020, and 2021 years to the product.”

Chris also added:

While this update is short in length, having RSA published is a BIG deal! Thanks to everyone on the team for making the best content in the business! Have a great weekend everyone!”

Support Team Update:

Great job to the support team for getting us up and running in with support tickets. Nick said this about getting our support requests in:

We now track support tickets and projects in Monday. Everyone should use this link for support requests.”

Dev Team Updates:

Sounds like some big things are also happening on the development team! Jamie and the team have been heads down cranking out a huge amount of code on Staccato. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Customer Success/Marketing Updates:

Our customer success and marketing teams have been staying busy. From training new team members to meeting with customers and partners to working on our messaging plan, there are a lot of exciting things in the works.

Everyone has been working hard and it shows. Hopefully, the thought of half-day Fridays is keeping everyone motivated. I see many afternoons by the pool in our future!