Wait till you see what our teams have been working on for Autodesk.


After seeing a nearly 200% increase in conversions compared to the previous experience, Autodesk liked our original guides so much, they asked us to do it again!

This time, we are offering one, slimmed down version with far less content and a sleeker aesthetic. Like before, the guide will be translated into 13 languages.

Autodesk will leverage the final guides in their 30-day trial experience for users. There is a marketing window that perpetuates throughout the 30 days, and the guides will be included in this. AutoCAD users will also have access to a CADLearning trial in their localized location.

The guides include 57 videos. Chris worked on getting the videos translated, Luis worked on design, and Autodesk already approved the English version. Haley, David Cohn, and Susan worked on the marketing copy to go alongside the videos.

The translation process looks a little bit like this:

After the English version is approved, Luis extracts all the guide text and puts it in an excel document, line by line. Then we send it off to a translation company, they send it back, and Luis copies it back to the guide.

To translate the videos, Chris pulls the translations from KAMS via our neural translations. The subtitles are then rendered into the video.

Carlie is leading the project and is the line of communication from us to Autodesk. She makes sure the requests they have get put into the guide and that all trains are running on time.


Take a peek at the English version of the  guide and let us know what you think in the comments! The guide is interactive and will help both rookie and veteran AutoCAD users alike.