With 20+ partners in our channel, we spend a lot of time managing, coaching, and creating assets to ensure their success. So, we thought it would be interesting to introduce some of these partners to the rest of the team.

One of our recent success stories is TPM – The Print Machine – who is headquartered in Greenville, SC (not far from our Asheville office). Although we have been partners for years, and always knew they had great potential, it didn’t take off quite as quickly as we would’ve liked.

But, earlier this year, we were approached by Mike Staples, their Director of Technical Solutions, who was looking to add greater value to their support offerings. We suggested our Portal Management Program, which offers low per-user cost to increase their attach rate and add plenty of revenue potential in exchange for a revenue commitment.

They loved the idea and decided to use our platform as the backbone of a service bundle that includes value-adds like premium support, scanning services, printing vouchers, and more. They are also our first partner to bundle in the Bluebeam library along with each CADLearning purchase.

For the first three months, our team worked with theirs to help them master the product, overcome objections, improve positioning, and set their customers up for success.

Officially launched in July, in just two months, TPM has already doubled their revenue compared to last year, and they are projecting continued growth.

But don’t just take our word for it. In the press release, Mike Staples said, “Making our Customers Truly Successful is our top Success Principal at TPM. Our new TPM1 Premier Program goes a long way in supporting this effort. It is one thing to use industry-leading design solutions. However, it is a real game-changer to leverage those solutions and your employees to their full potential. We created the TPM1 Premier Program to provide the tools and resources required for companies to raise the bar of their entire design team so they can focus on innovation and growth.”

There is so much more to come from our partnership with TPM, and this is a great start to more opportunities!

To learn more about TPM1, check out their page at TPM1 Premier Program • TPM.