From the Content Team…

We’ve been hearing lots of chatter around Autodesk Construction Cloud. Customers are letting us know they use it and have been asking about it. So, it’s top of mind for many of us right now – especially the Content Team. And they’re moving right along with the updates for it. They feel they’ll have enough lessons for a soft release, potentially, by AU. So, stay tuned!

The team has also been working on a board that will serve as a roadmap for visibility across teams. The new board will show everyone what is coming, what is in progress, and what has been put on the backburner.

From the Dev Team…s

The Dev Team has been working on certificates, which will give users something to print out after completing goals. Having something to hold or hang up to show off your accomplishments helps with employee growth.

They’re also continuing to develop dark and light themes for the portal. Users will be able to switch to the theme of their choice. So say goodbye to that building now.

Expect some other important updates on this sprint soon!

Once again, our teams have stepped up and are putting in lots of hard work!