Talent, Knowledge, & Competency Management


Building Better Outcomes

Individualized Learning

Experiences that lead to better onboarding and upskilling with goals based on roles and responsibilities.

Minimize time. Maximize retention.


Purpose-built tools lead to measurable outcomes and improve workflows, processes, and best practices.

Curated performance improvement.

Unique CONTENT taxonomy

Lessons are atomized, focusing on just one task that is immediately actionable, leading to better knowledge retention.

Building blocks for targeted learning. 

Gain new skills

without leaving the application.

Note: Uninstall any previous versions
of CADLearning Assist before installing
the updated version.

The Full Employee Lifecycle


Identify the most qualified candidate for the job with our project placement algorithms that leverage cold-hard data and quantifiable analytics.


Shorten the time to proficiency for new hires by creating individualized onboarding paths that target knowledge and skills gaps.


Improve employee competency by pinpointing and assessing knowledge and skills at the individual, project, and organizational levels.


Employees often leave because they don’t see an opportunity for advancement. Our learning paths grow along with their careers.
Success starts here

Unlock the potential of Autodesk technology and build skills across your organization with CADLearning.

Our personalized learning experience removes roadblocks and solves problems fast.

Combined with robust data and analytics, CADLearning provides insight into the competencies you have today and a plan to gain the ones you need tomorrow.

CADLearning is an Autodesk Authorized Publisher.