Hi teams,

We have a Monday.com update, on a Monday. Has that joke gotten old yet? After ironing out some kinks in our Monday boards, we have decided that customer notes and email communications will all be put into the “updates” box (pic below). To update via email, click “Write updates via email” and copy the email address that populates. Then, you can send Monday.com the chain of emails you choose. Side note: Monday.com does not auto track emails. (Thank goodness!)  See pic below for clarification.

Andrea also gave us an update from the Content Team:

The Content Team continues to get organized using Monday.com! We’ve added Production tracking steps that will make it easier for us to ensure we’ve provided all the necessary documentation to our customers for their jobs, and that will keep our workflow on track and our content on time. Our current focus has been on the Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM Certification content but work for Baker Baynes and NCCER are also underway.

Also, please keep note that documentation for Monday.com best practices is on its way!