Stay Flexible

Add or cancel subscriptions at any time with Pay-As-You-Go. Gain access to the full CADLearning library with no commitment or contract. Expand your team, upskill employees, and provide refresher training without having to budget for an annual payment.

Best for businesses with up to 25 employees, Pay-As-You-Go provides the flexibility to grant access to CADLearning to whom you want, when you want, so your employees can learn where they want, how they want.

Choose a plan that’s right for you.

Benefits Individual Pay-As-Go Enterprise
Access to the full CADLearning Library
Targeted learning paths to fill skills and knowledge gaps
Stock overall knowledge and skills assessments
Exercise files for hands-on practice
The ability to build and share playlists
The CADLearning Assist plug-in
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
The ability to customize courses and workflows
Targeted pre-hire assessments
Access to reports and analytics
Flexible subscriptions

Ideal for teams with 2 25 Autodesk users

Most cost-effective option for large teams
Ability to add and manage custom video content
Access to targeted AI and machine learning solutions