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4D Technologies has just released a NEW
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covering the highly anticipated Autodesk PlanGrid.

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With PlanGrid, you can access 2D
and 3D models from anywhere.

PlanGrid offers mobile, cloud-based agile construction project management, where teams can collaborate successfully. All of your projects and teams can be kept
up-to-date in real-time with effective and streamlined workflows.


Organize and share project tasks and data, mark up sheets, upload media, report on issues, and much more. Each project features its own dashboard where you can access at-a-glance information, including project timelines, milestones, and activity.
With PlanGrid, communicate with your team from anywhere, whether on the field or in the office. Keep your team knowledgeable about project information, easily compare sheet revisions, and instantly sync changes. 


Knowledge tailored to your needs 

PlanGrid is a cloud-based construction project management software that is especially suited for mobile devices. It allows users to work from anywhere to collaborate with their teams, organize and share project tasks and data, mark up sheets, upload documentation and photos, report on issues, RFIs, and tasks, and much more—all from the field. 

With CADLearning, you can include PlanGrid lessons in your custom workflows, build curated learning paths using playlists, or construct company-specific roles to assign this new content to your teams.  Unlike other software training, CADLearning leverages assessments to surface only the PlanGrid content you need to improve your team’s workflows. With CADLearning, you have access to everything you need to know how to make markups, how to use tasks, how to submit RFIs, and how to upload media to project sheets.

PlanGrid offers powerful markup tools across all platforms. Edit your sheets. Calibrate measurements, upload photos, and add issue or task stamps, whether from a desktop or mobile device.
Submitting, reviewing, and answering RFIs with PlanGrid can be done right from the field. Share comments and relevant media immediately to keep your project moving.


  • Navigating the PlanGrid Dashboard 
  • Understanding Sheets in PlanGrid 
  • Tasks 
  • Field Reports 
  • Working with Media

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