Time sure has flown, hasn’t it? We just started our series of planning meetings for 2022 and now we’re already halfway through! So, let’s recap what we’ve covered so far.


Execution Planning Kickoff

Dave and the Directors kicked it all off with a brief walk down memory lane – reviewing last year’s goals and what we achieved. Then, they set the stage for our planning efforts with their vision for the coming year.


Tech Show and Tell: The Tree of Knowledge

Then in our first breakout, Jamie took us on a tour of our technology capabilities and what’s currently being developed. And he showed us how we’ll be able to provide full product knowledge assessments through the use of dependencies.


CaaS/XaaS Expansion Plans

As day one drew to a close, we explored expanding from delivering content as a service to delivering just about anything as a service. We set a goal of getting 5 times as many of these consultancy bookings in the coming year. And then we brainstormed ways to better demonstrate our capabilities to current and future customers.

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Support Improvements

We hit the ground running on day two, discussing improvements, next steps, and the roadmap for support in the coming year. Then, we brainstormed how to ease the workload of support. Ideas included better user error messages, Helpbot improvements, and a better support page. Then we took a look at cleaning up our documentation to make it easier for anyone fulfilling support duties.


Customer Success

In the next breakout, Carlie and Kelly gave us an overview of our customer success goals for 2022 including delighting customers with QBRs, providing more touchpoints less intrusively, being their go-to, and solving their problems. Then we brainstormed customer tier levels and what services could be included with each.

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KAMS to Portal: It’s All Connected

And in the last session of day two, Kelly walked us through how customers build courses and assessments. She also covered how the things we change in KAMS can impact customers to show everyone how it’s all connected.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of the recap next week!