That’s a wrap! We’ve finished all our 2022 planning sessions, so let’s recap the second half.

Ensuring Assuring PnP

In one of the first breakouts of day three, the Content Team gathered to review documentation relevance, production best practices, and managing exercise files.

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Sales 2021 Bootcamp

In the other of the first breakouts of the day, the Sales and Customer Success Teams gathered for Sales Bootcamp. They took a look at the activity during the past year, what we have to do better in the next year, and how we’re going to get there.

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Team Execution

In the second breakout of day three, we discussed the execution lessons learned last year, our hand-off processes between teams, setting and meeting milestones, as well as our goals and expectations for 2022.

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Marketing and Social Media

As day three drew to a close, we took a look at where we want to take our marketing and social media efforts in the coming year. The bottom line: “We’re the best in the industry. More people need to know it. So, we’ve got to be louder!” Then we brainstormed ways to make that happen with our websites, ads, videos, emails, social media, and even more great content.

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State of the Company

First up on our fourth and final day, Dave and the Directors painted the picture of where the company stands today. We took a look at how we’ve grown and what opportunities are on the horizon for us.

Refining Customer Assets

In the second breakout of the fourth day, we took a look at some of our current customer assets and brainstormed ways to refine and update them. Then we discussed strategies to increase their usage and ways to increase touchpoints with customers.

Remote Culture

As we wrapped up the final day, we took a look at our company culture now that we’re fully office-less. And we brainstormed ways to deepen relationships, build trust, and enhance communication. Starting interest-based office clubs garnered unanimous support from the team. So, stay tuned for more information as we work out the logistics of implementing those!

Then we took a little time to relax, enjoy our camaraderie, and just have fun with Teams. 😊

How did you feel about this year’s format? What worked? What didn’t? Let us know in the comments.