3ds Max 2017

CADLearning for Autodesk® 3ds Max® teaches the use of 3ds Max, a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software used by professionals in the fields of entertainment, design, and engineering. The content in this course has been devised so that users can quickly learn the versatility, functionality, and interoperability that 3ds Max provides for every stage of a project.

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Modeling in 3ds Max
Understanding Shapes
Working with Spline Shapes
Working with Extended Splines
Creating New Shapes
Adjusting Curve Quality and Render Parameters
Cloning Shapes
Creating Outline Shapes
Attaching Shapes
Editing Closed 2D Shapes
Trimming and Welding Splines
Filleting a Vertex
Using Spline Modifiers
Understanding Mesh and Poly Objects
Discovering the Editable Poly Object Type
Converting Object Types
Aligning Objects
Using Select and Place to Locate Objects
Utilizing the Snap Tools
Learning to Use the Graphite Modeling Tools
Using the Generate Topology Tool
Editing Using Polygon Symmetry Tools
Understanding Subdivision Surfaces
Preparing an Object for Subdivision Surface Modeling
Editing a Subdivision Surface Model
Working with Soft Selection
Creating a 3D Lattice Object
Using TextPlus for Advanced Text Creation
Reducing Polygons using ProOptimizer
Working with the Paint Deform Tool
Using the Conform Paint Tool
Understanding 2D and 3D Objects
Exploring More Editable Poly
Working with Caddies
Modeling Windows
Modeling Window Frames
Modeling Window Panes
Introducing Compound Objects
Working with ProBoolean
Using the Boolean Tool for Advanced Boolean Operations
Using Shape Merge
Aligning Sub-Object Polygons to the Grid Surface
Merging Objects
Examining Modifiers and the Modifier Stack
Learning About Object Space Modifiers
Adding a Bevel Profile Modifier
Editing 2D Shapes
Stacking Modifiers
Editing Modifiers
Chamfering Polygon Edges using the Chamfer Modifier
Understanding World-Space Modifiers
Applying the Map Scalar Modifier
Working with the Chamfer Modifier
Understanding Object Painting
Painting a Scene
Discovering AEC Objects
Building with AEC Walls
Adding a Door
Installing Windows
Working with Containers
Inheriting Container Contents
Importing a Point Cloud
Modeling from a Point Cloud
Modeling - Best Practices