Afternoon everyone and happy Friday!
I’m here with an exciting Publishing update.  An all new AutoCAD Electrical product is now live on portal! This is a total makeover; new videos, new datasets, new questions, and a new assessment. As such, the old AutoCAD Electrical IEC product has been deactivated and is no longer available in portal.
We’ve also pushed out a handful of new and updated Navisworks lessons to fully flesh out a few topics in that product. More lessons are currently in the pipeline and should be available soon™.
The Content Team has also been very, very hard at work on some projects that are part of our Content as a Service initiative. We have completed a ‘Phase 1’ of both NCCER and Fusion CAM Turning custom content. This content was developed a bit different than how we do internally (which brought unique challenges), but it’s been a learning experience through which we’ve come out the other side side stronger. A BIG shout-out and thank you to Nick, Ash, and Andrea for their efforts on these projects. Their lift was large and they absolutely slayed it.
As always, you can consult the publishing spreadsheet for a list of the newly published content.

Thanks again to everyone on the Content Team. Have a wonderful weekend!