This release includes the development work we need to expand our offering and provide a better customer experience, including:


New Features

  • Added toggle to exclude library published via KAMS from the CADLearning library
  • Goals are now displayed based upon assigned entitlements
  • A new inventory item with bi-annual recurring period gives partners more flexibility
  • Password requirements are now displayed where passwords are requested, to reduce support burden
  • New views in Power BI pull data from our database to help make CX and content decisions


Bug/Interface Fixes

  • Lesson comments are now working properly, allowing users and admins to make notes on individual lessons
  • New reports “Goal Data Report” and “Role Data Report” give customers full access to all Individualized Learning Experience data
  • You can now import users with a password using the template
  • Content Creator role is named the same in all places now to reduce confusion
  • The Product Command Activity Report can now be filtered by product
  • The Product Version Activity Report can now be filtered by product
  • The Role Summary by Employee Report now functions properly
  • Custom questions can now be assigned ownership, allowing us to add translated content