We’re constantly improving CADLearning to help our customers work smarter and faster.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in July 2022.


New Functionality:


    • Updated Q help bot messaging
      The help bot messaging has been updated to have better conversations with our customers.


    • Allow users to skip questions in assessments
      Customers who guess on questions they don’t know have a chance of getting those questions correct. This would prevent the customer from receiving important feedback in the results, such as suggested lessons to watch.


    • Organization reports moved to top of home page
      This is a small change but large improvement. Customers looking for reports will now find them right at the top of the CADLearning page, next to the Search bar.


Bug Fixes:


    • Error when attempting to Set All Payment Details on content subscriptions page


    • Terms of Service popup cannot be dismissed


    • In Chrome, “This website uses cookies.” message is transparent and can’t click button