I hope that everybody is as excited to watch Staccato develop as I am!

But, just so that we are all absolutely 100% on the same page about what we can and cannot say, I wanted to reiterate the approved strategic talking points that Dave mentioned in our company meeting.

It is extremely important that we message this appropriately from the start. If you are ever in doubt, please ask for guidance, rather than assuming. This isn’t just about good marketing practices. There are patent repercussions and other implications as well.


Now that we’ve covered the fine print, onto the fun stuff!


Value Props by audience

General Audience

Staccato prioritizes the how over the what or the why. It is not just about learning; it is also about doing. How do I replace the brake pads in my 2012 Honda Fit Go-Kart? How do I build a deck? How do I calculate the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


The best value prop of all – buckets of cash. We provide the most options and the easiest process of any platform on the market.


You pick what you want to do, and we will backfill the rest. Change paths along the way? Easy peasy. We find just what you need to get from here to there in the shortest possible time.


Pick some competencies, build a job. Build the job, find the perfect people to fill it.

What it’s not

Staccato is not a continuation of CADLearning. It is not the next iteration. Customers and partners should not be waiting for it. It’s not for them. Just keep selling CADLearning and pretend that Staccato doesn’t exist.


Thank you for your continued diligence. We will have more information soon!