Important Note:

In alignment with changes made by Microsoft support, we have updated our System Requirements.

As of 1/15/2020:

  • We will no longer support Internet Explorer on any Operating System.
  • The Edge browser was given an important update by Microsoft; therefore, we can only offer support on the updated Chromium version.
  • We will no longer support Windows 7, including our Windows 7 Desktop App.
  • CADLearning Portal:

CADLearning is accessed through the internet using a browser. Any of the following browsers can be used on a Windows 10 machine:

  • Microsoft Edge (Updated Version only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest changes)
  • Google Chrome (Latest changes)

You may be ale to access the portal on a Mac or other Apple device as well as any Android device by using one of the supported browsers. Alternative browser may not respond. You may need to work with your IT group to gain access if certain media streaming is blocked, or if you work behind a corporate firewall. You will need to make sure the exact URL you use for CADLearning is white listed if you are using an adblocker or antivirus software.

CADLearning Assist:

In order to use the CADLearning Assist application, you will need to be running the corresponding Autodesk product on a Windows 10 Machine, and you must be an administrator on that machine. You may need special permissions from your IT group if they restrict installation of add-ins for Autodesk software.