It is now official that 4D Technologies has been granted its first patent.


Succinctly called “System and Method for Providing Optimized Matching Between Projects and Individuals Having Applicable Competencies,” patent number 11,037,079 is the first of three accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We expect the remaining two to move from accepted to granted shortly.

Together, these patents validate our expertise in matching skills and competencies to the actual doing, proving that we are the absolute leader in the space. And not just in the Autodesk space, but in any industry.

Clearly, these patents are a huge competitive advantage. While others are busy building spoon-fed cheat sheets or unleashing a firehose of irrelevant courseware, we help organizations identify and democratize their expertise to transform the way they share knowledge.

I want to thank everybody on the team for all the work that went into this process. It was a true group effort.

I’ll be back with more information as we receive updates. Stay tuned!