We’re constantly improving CADLearning to help our customers work smarter and faster. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in the 3-31-2022 release.

🏠   Finding a home for orphaned questions

Organization Content Creators can now access questions not attached to any lesson or assessment from the Orphaned Questions tab.

Previously, orphaned questions were simply removed from the portal. This new functionality gives content creators full visibility into orphaned questions, enhancing their ability to preserve the integrity of their custom content.

📢   Delivering the 411 on certificates

When CADLearning users complete goals, they receive digital certificates that Enterprise customers can have customized and branded for their organizations.

To help users and admins fully leverage their power, the goal completion page now includes access to more information on sharing and customizing certificates.

🤖   Setting the stage for better “Help” from our AI-expert

🔥 A fully functional, better-than-ever CADLearning Help is coming soon! 🔥

To make that possible, we improved its backend functionality and added some new features. CADLearning Administrators can now:

  • Manage Help questions in a central location
  • Preview how answers will appear with the Question Tester
  • Indicate which answers are most appropriate with rankings

🐛   Fixing bugs and issues

In our continued effort to make CADLearning the most reliable productivity solution for innovators, we also eliminated several bugs in the platform.

Fixed: Total course time does not display correctly for custom lessons

Fixed: Stars are not visible on product pages in Light Theme

Fixed: Text is not visible when searching for header lessons in Dark Theme

Fixed: Users without CADLearning All Access entitlement cannot access custom content

Fixed: Issues with Workflows functionality and permissions

Fixed: Rearranging lessons within a large course causes the screen to drag with the mouse