There are a couple of reasons videos cannot be viewed:

  • If the video player shows an error or blank screen, you may have a firewall blocking the video streaming. Many companies enforce strict policies in regards to internet traffic. You will need to work with your IT department to allow traffic from the following locations: *  * 
  • If you have an ad blocker or a script blocker, be sure to allow CADLearning and Azure to view the videos. 
  • If the video player shows an error, which states something like, “No compatible source found for the current browser environment.” Be sure you are using a supported browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or EDGE. Also, be sure you have the most recent Flash, Java, and Windows updates installed.  
  • If you see a message that you do not have access to this content please check that your subscription or company provided entitlement is still active. 

If you still cannot view the videos, please contact  support  for help!