CADLearning is a helpful tool during your class sessions (be they online or in-person), prior to your instruction, or afterwards as reinforcement.

Let’s look at how:

Accompaniment to In-Person or Online Instruction

With short, atomized videos, you can present or share point-of-need lessons directly with your students during a class. Let our content leaders quickly and efficiently direct your students and use our included exercise files as hands-on practice.

With coverage of over 40 Autodesk products, and more being added and updated constantly, you’ll get the most up-to-date information covering any and all software you are teaching.

Assess Progress and Prior Knowledge

CADLearning provides out-of-the-box assessments within our courses that cover the breadth of the content. However, you can also create playlists from individual topics, share those with your students, and then ask them to assess themselves off of those lists.

This gives you a strong indication of the incoming knowledge of your classroom, and, armed with that information, you can tailor your teaching. After you’ve presented your lesson, use those same playlists as support lessons as well, to give your students open access to practice what they learned and thereby boost their retention rates.

Improve Retention

Providing a list of relevant lessons or directing students to requisite libraries can help keep your instruction relevant in their minds, improving knowledge retention and reducing those frequently asked questions.

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