Welcome to your A Myriad of AutoCAD!

TRUE or FALSE: Exploding a block reduces the instance of the block back into its individual components.

What is the resulting behavior of a layer when you set its Layer State to No Plot?

The example in the image shows how the center of a circle can be located using which of the following?


When you click the arrow adjacent to the Polar Tracking tool on the Status bar, a list of numbers appears. What are these numbers?

Before you can draw new geometry on an existing Layer, you must first do what?

Polylines are considered to be complex objects because of their unique properties. Which of the following statements regarding polyline properties is FALSE?

How do you alternate between the Trim command and the Extend command?

TRUE or FALSE: The Undo and Redo tools on the multiline text editor contextual ribbon have the same effect as the Undo and Redo tools on the Quick Access Toolbar.

What is the name of the interface component indicated by number “3” in the image?

What, precisely, does the Select Similar tool select?

How do you change workspaces?

Which of the following procedures will NOT allow you to turn on the visibility of the Model and Layout tabs?

TRUE or FALSE: You can NOT use grips to mirror objects.

You can use the Open from Web & Mobile tool to open drawing files stored in which of the following locations?

TRUE or FALSE: You can always convert a drawing between systems of measurement by scaling the drawing.

Which of the following methods does NOT allow you to repeat the last-used AutoCAD command?

When creating a rectangle based on its area, what values must you specify?

When you add a continued or baseline dimension, by default, the dimension uses which style?

Which procedure controls the display of Tool Palettes?

When you use the block insertion gallery to quickly insert blocks into a drawing, how are those blocks inserted, by default?