Calling all BIM nerds and Revit users! This one’s for you!

Answer these 10 questions, and you’ll be the Biggest Brain in The Blast!

TRUE or FALSE: The two kinds of view-specific elements in Revit are annotation and detail.

Which tool can be used to show a detail component in front of all other detail components?

When working on a workshared project, how can you transfer the changes in your local copy to the central model?

Where does the information in schedules come from?

Which of the following statements regarding creating levels is TRUE?

Which parameters can be used to drive the value of a dimension in a project?

Which of the following statements best describes what happens in Revit when a change is made to a building model in one view?

When defining a project location, which option as shown in the image uses actual weather data from a weather station?

In the accompanying image, when you use the top shape handle to change the height of the curtain wall, what is the most likely reason Revit has warned that the highlighted walls overlap?

After one design option in an option set has been selected as the option to use in the design, how can you incorporate it into the model?