What if I want to cancel?

Pay-As-You-Go admins can cancel their subscriptions at any time. Just log in and navigate to your Content Subscriptions page. Here, you will see all existing users. Simply click Cancel, and the user will automatically be removed on the next billing cycle. Note that, if you want to cancel more than one user, you must click Cancel next to each.

Can I change the number of users that are active at one time?

Absolutely. You can add or remove users at any time. To add a user, first navigate to the Users page, click Add User, and enter the required fields. Then, navigate to the Content Subscriptions page and click Purchase a Subscription. A new subscription will become available. In the drop-down under User, select the user you wish to add.

To cancel a subscription, navigate to the Content Subscriptions page and click Cancel next to the user you wish to cancel.

Added users will be prorated from the day you add them until the next billing cycle. Cancelled users will be cancelled on the date of the next billing cycle.

What is included with Pay-as-You-Go?

Pay-As-You-Go customers receive the majority of the benefits of our enterprise solution, including custom assessments, playlists, notifications, reporting tools, and custom content creation from CADLearning lessons, links, and documents. However, Pay-As-You-Go customers cannot upload their own custom videos.