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CADLearning Gets Dark and Light Modes

A new feature will soon be available to all our CADLearning users – the option to switch between dark and light modes. Simply navigate to your user profile settings to choose your desired appearance.

Dark mode is designed for those who work at night or in low-light. It also enhances accessibility for those with visual impairments, migraines, or other optical disorders. On the other hand, light mode is designed for those who work with lots of detail or read large blocks of text.

Adding this frequently requested feature continues to put personalization and accessibility at the forefront of the CADLearning experience.

We’ll also be working with our partners who manage portals and our customers to ensure their branding looks ideal in either mode.

We’re excited to see what our customers think of the new experience and can’t wait to see what’s up next for CADLearning!

Publishing Update 10/22/21

Hello everyone!
It’s been a while since you’ve seen a publishing update, so I wanted to quickly fill you in on what the Content team has been up to.
There have been a couple of custom content projects we’ve completed; Baker Baynes’ Scan to BIM and Autodesk’s Fusion Certification prep. A big shout out to our writers and copy editors on getting the Autodesk project done. It was challenging and a heavy lift, but they really stepped up and delivered.
For CADLearning content, we’ve been working on our newest product, Construction Cloud. I’m happy announce we’ve just published 3 more topics to Portal; Cloud Models for Revit, Desktop Connector, and View Files.  We’re continuing to create more lessons for Construction Cloud, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated as additional content rolls out.
That’s all for now. Thanks again to everyone on the Content team for their hard work!

Monday Tips: Connect Boards + Mirror Columns is designed to save us time, streamline our processes and projects, and help us keep track of all the work we do each day. But a product is only as good as our ability to use it. So, we wanted to share some helpful tips and ways to put them into practice.

Tracking your progress on your quarterly KPIs board just got a lot easier thanks to Connect Boards and Mirror Columns.

These features let you easily sync information – like current statuses and due dates – from multiple boards onto one. So, when you change information in one board, it automatically updates that information in others without the hassle of doing double the work!

To set up Connect Boards and Mirror Columns, check out this video from the team.

Stay tuned for more Monday tips coming your way soon!

Practical Savings with Access Perks

We just renewed Access Perks for another 6 months!

We know that employee benefits like this only have value when you use them to your benefit. So, we wanted to highlight a few practical ways it can help you save – whether you’re secretly planning every detail of your next Disney vacation or not. 😉

🍽️ Get dinner delivered

Get 25% off your in-app purchase of $15 or more at  . New customers get $7 off a $12 in-app purchase.

🖨️ Restock your office supplies

Save up to 50% when you shop in-store or online at  .

🚗 Fix that crack in your windshield

Get $20 off glass replacement service from  .

💰 Get help lowering your monthly bills

Pay a lower fee for  when they negotiate a better rate on your monthly bills.

📺 Upgrade your tech

Save up to 40% on mobile phones, TVs, major appliances, PCs, wearables, and more. And get up to $200 off any eligible Mac and $20 off an iPad Pro with education pricing.


It only takes a few purchases for the savings to start adding up! To see how much you could save each year, check out the Access Perks Savings Estimator.

Customer Spotlight: Jacobs Global Buildings

Jacobs Global Buildings is one of our major CADLearning customers. They have almost 7,000 active users in the portal and a ton of custom courses. One of the teams we work closely with at Jacobs uses a lot of Revit for creating their custom courses. It’s great to see those numbers and how much value our customer is getting out of their subscription. 

Jacobs is in the AEC industry and has lots of projects from water to infrastructure to renewal. They are really excelling in global sustainability, specifically. They have been voted the #1 top design firm by the Clean Air Compliance and #2 in Nuclear Waste. And they were placed at #2 on the Top 200 Environmental Firms.  

It’s amazing to think that with CADLearning they are getting these types of projects completed all over the globe. Read this article on their site about a project they recently completed in the UK to get a better understanding of the type of impact Jacobs is having.  

If you have a customer or partner that you would like to be spotlighted on the internal blog, be sure to reach out to Alex, Susan, or Haley.  

A Special thanks from our partner Baker Baynes!

As the content team has been finishing up the Scan to BIM project, Shuaib from Baker Baynes had some kind words to share: “I would like to extend my thanks and commend the editing team, and all involved on the great work done 😊”

Good going team! It is always nice to receive positive feedback when working hard on a project.

October Birthday’s

Please join us in celebrating October’s birthday’s!


🎂 Happy Birthday! 🎂

Haley Stevenson – 10/20

Stephen McNeill – 10/22

Ash Lounsbury – 10/30

Susan Osborne – 10/31

New PowerPoint Template

Brighten up your next presentation with our new light CADLearning PowerPoint template.

Don’t worry – the dark version hasn’t gone anywhere. You can access them both from the 4D Document Library in the PowerPoint Templates folder.

Did you know? When it comes to presentations a bright background is more effective for text-heavy slides. A dark background produces less blue light, which relaxes our eyes. But it makes it tricky for our brains to process a lot of text. Using a bright background for text-heavy slides ensures your audience can read and fully understand your content.

What are you waiting for? Check out the new template!

Looking for an update? Our teams have them!

From the Content Team…

We’ve been hearing lots of chatter around Autodesk Construction Cloud. Customers are letting us know they use it and have been asking about it. So, it’s top of mind for many of us right now – especially the Content Team. And they’re moving right along with the updates for it. They feel they’ll have enough lessons for a soft release, potentially, by AU. So, stay tuned!

The team has also been working on a board that will serve as a roadmap for visibility across teams. The new board will show everyone what is coming, what is in progress, and what has been put on the backburner.

From the Dev Team…s

The Dev Team has been working on certificates, which will give users something to print out after completing goals. Having something to hold or hang up to show off your accomplishments helps with employee growth.

They’re also continuing to develop dark and light themes for the portal. Users will be able to switch to the theme of their choice. So say goodbye to that building now.

Expect some other important updates on this sprint soon!

Once again, our teams have stepped up and are putting in lots of hard work!