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Spotlight on Partner Resources

Have you visited our Partner Resource Center? It includes a variety of tools to help us and our partners land, onboard, and continuously engage our customers. 

Inside you’ll find brochures, guides, infographics, sales tools, ads, videos, and more.  

Here are 5 of our favorite marketing resources: 

If it’s your first time visiting the page or it’s been a while, you may need to login to access the Partner Resource Center. Note that your login credentials may not be the same as those you use to login to the CADLearning Portal. 

What ideas do you have? Let us know if there are other resources we should consider creating! 

Publishing Update 7/22/21

Afternoon all!

A quick but important update; the Navisworks 2022 product refresh is complete!

The final topic, Quantification, is published and live in Portal.

Hats off and a big thank you to David Cohn for tackling this project; I’m sure it was no easy task.


Publishing Update 7/19/21

Afternoon everyone,

I’m back with another publishing update!

A large handful of products have been updated to the 2022 product year. Since most of the functionality hasn’t changed, the majority do not have any new or updated lessons, but they do have a 2022 product year in Portal. Here is a comprehensive list of the products recently updated to 2022:

AutoCAD – 11 new or updated lessons

AutoCAD LT – 11 new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Architecture – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Plant 3D – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD MEP – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Electrical – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Map 3D – no new or updated lessons

AutoCAD Mechanical – no new or updated lessons

Civil 3D – no new or updated lessons

Dynamo – no new or updated lessons

InfraWorks – no new or updated lessons

Navisworks – 49 new or updated lessons since last reported, 11 lessons remain until the product refresh is complete. Coming very soon!

Raster Design – no new or updated lessons

Revit – 13 new or update lessons, more in production

Robot Structural Analysis – no new or updated lessons

As always, consult the 2021 Publishing Spreadsheet for further details on new or updated lessons.


Do you know your 4D Acronyms?

Remember that time you were onboarding and were introduced to the 4D dictionary?
Or maybe you started before it even existed!

Well just in case you forgot, we thought it would be nice to refresh your memories.

  • EBA – Enterprise Business Agreement
  • RFP – Request for Proposal
  • LMS/CMS – Learning Management System/Content Management System
  • SCORM – Sharable Content Object Reference Model
  • SSO – Single Sign On
  • SME – Subject Matter Expert
  • KAMS – Knowledge Acquisition Management System in Admin
  • PMP – Portal Management Program
  • QBR – Quarterly Business Review
  • Ickybalooky/Banana Pants/Wackadoo – Anything ever, good or bad!

Okay now honestly, how many of those did you know and/or remember? If you remembered them all, Banana Pants to you!

Be a 4D Advocate on LinkedIn


The 4D Technologies LinkedIn page is officially up and running! As we continue building the 4D brand, we’ll regularly post updates on our page. With your help, we can greatly expand our reach and engagement with customers, prospects, and other key stakeholders.

We all know that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Don’t be afraid to comment, like, or share another colleague’s post. That’s what being social is all about!

According to a report from We Are Social and Hootsuite:

  • People are 3 times more likely to trust content shared by people they know than content shared by brands.
  • People are 8 times more likely to engage with content shared by employees than content shared by brands.
  • People are 24 times more likely to reshare content shared by employees than content shared by brands.
  • Leads generated by employees convert 7 times more frequently than any other kind of lead.

A simple reaction such as a like, comment, or share from you will help us reach our target audience in ways our page can’t achieve on its own.

What’s everyone reading?


When we are not all working hard this summer, some of us have been spending time getting lost in a good book or two. Or, a detailed pool manual, whatever your cup of tea may be! We thought it would be fun to share a few books some of our coworkers have been reading this summer, and to compile a list for others to get inspiration from.

Susan is reading Stephen King’s re-release of The Stand. Here is what she had to say about it: “it had some very interesting takes on human condition in a post-apocalyptic world.”

Nick C. is reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows to his 8-year-old daughter and is reading Steel Beach by John Varley himself. Nick says his daughter has “Harry Potter fever now.”

Luis is reading a book written by his sister-in-law Karen M. McManus titled Cousins.

Kelly is reading the pool manual to her soon-to-be NEW pool!

Sean recently re-read Bones of the Moon by Johnathan Carroll.

Haley is in the middle of Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. She says “Think; Prince William meets John Kennedy Jr. -romantically!”

And Dawn says she loves anything from James Patterson for her summer reading list.

Release Notes July 1, 2021

This release resolves multiple bugs, and introduces some exciting new features including:

New Features  

  • Added a new entitlement to grant organizations the ability to build custom roles and goals.
  • Added an integrated signup process for International Training Institute. 
  • Org Admins will now have subscription options based on their pricelist.

Bug/Interface Fixes

  • Org admins can now manage customer users without errors.
  • Organization Address and Payment Methods can now be edited without causing errors.
  • Content Creators are now able to send pre-hire assessment invites without being org admin. 

Presenting: Your 4D Unproductivity Managers

I know all of us have a detailed calendar on social media holidays and all, but just in case you missed it June 25th was National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

We wanted to take advantage of this year’s holiday with our best 4-legged friends who have been keeping us company all year long while we work from home.

They deserve some recognition too, and we know they’ve all been on their best behavior during our meetings, and presentations. Especially Tessa, wink wink!

Give them a little extra love this week and check out some of our 4D Technologies all-stars below!

Publishing Update 6/25/2021

Afternoon everyone and happy Friday!
I’m here with an exciting Publishing update.  An all new AutoCAD Electrical product is now live on portal! This is a total makeover; new videos, new datasets, new questions, and a new assessment. As such, the old AutoCAD Electrical IEC product has been deactivated and is no longer available in portal.
We’ve also pushed out a handful of new and updated Navisworks lessons to fully flesh out a few topics in that product. More lessons are currently in the pipeline and should be available soon™.
The Content Team has also been very, very hard at work on some projects that are part of our Content as a Service initiative. We have completed a ‘Phase 1’ of both NCCER and Fusion CAM Turning custom content. This content was developed a bit different than how we do internally (which brought unique challenges), but it’s been a learning experience through which we’ve come out the other side side stronger. A BIG shout-out and thank you to Nick, Ash, and Andrea for their efforts on these projects. Their lift was large and they absolutely slayed it.
As always, you can consult the publishing spreadsheet for a list of the newly published content.

Thanks again to everyone on the Content Team. Have a wonderful weekend!